Paper & special transports

Paper transports

Our company has further specialized on the specific demands of the paper industry.

We have the necessary special-equipment in storage and transport and employ specifically trained workers to ensure professional and highly efficient services about paper.

We organize on-time supply of recycled paper and secure just-in-time delivery to your paper plants.

Furthermore, we are managing commodity warehouses and organize the processing of shipments and railroad transportations.

Special transports

No matter what you want to transport, we will provide the necessary transport machines.

Long, wide, high or heavy – we have the transport solution for your good. Besides the fitting machines we will also secure the necessary transport permits and perhaps a transport convoy (BF2, BF3) and check the transport route. We are happy to consult you personally for your transport.

Our customers get an individual solution similar if it is a single transport or a project realization.

Hagemann provides an integrated service – from a proficient consulting to the proper execution.

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