Hagemann is a strong performing, modularly arranged fulfillment contractor. We provide a comprehensive range of additional services along the whole logistics chain. Together we develop an optimal solution for your individual demands. With our flexible structures and the inclusion of specific logistics-elements we are able to adapt to your individual conceptions and to organize an efficient warehouse management.

Therefore, we provide the usual services around the handling of incoming orders, client services, storage, shipping, product returns, payment management and reporting.

Additionally, we offer further services in the areas of co-packaging, transport, and others.


You can also add our various value-added services:

Product-orientated value-added services:
✔ Quality control
✔ Product refinement
✔ Assembling and disassembling
✔ Repair
✔ Packaging
✔ Tinting

✔ Order management
✔ Commissioning
✔ Konfektionierung/Displaybau
✔ Labelling
✔ Product return management
✔ Sleeving
✔ Customs management
✔ Merchandising

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